Ally was born in Tullahoma, Tennessee on August 25, 1961. She grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and attended the University of California at Santa Cruz where she earned a degree in Biology and Chemistry. She became interested in acting after spending a semester at Richmond College of the Arts in London. After graduating, she worked on a genetic engineering project in San Francisco. While Ally was in LA applying for Medical school at UCLA, a producer spotted her at a restaurant and she was cast in her first movie. That was the beginning of her career. "It's made me a firm believer in fate," she explained in an interview with Xpose magazine, "because I just naturally popped into it and I've worked ever since." Ally has appeared in everything from soap operas to big screen movies. In addition to landing the part of Samantha Waters in the NBC prime time series, Profiler which she starred in from 1996-1999, Ally is probably best remembered for her role as Peter Gallagher's yuppie girlfriend, Ashley in the 1995 hit, "While You Were Sleeping." Since leaving Profiler, she has starred in the Miramax comedy, "Happy Texas" and a Lifetime Christmas movie, "If You Believe." Ally is married to TV producer John Landgraf. They have one child, Jon Walker who was born in 1997.

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